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It’s been a while since I personally took a look at my blog, and force myself to learn things to help me better navigate the wordpress website! For a blind computer user like myself, it can be tedious and time consuming to search a website to find items of interest. So recently I’ve been learning new tricks about my talking scrreen reader software, JAWS, to make my ability to use the internet quicker and easier. So consequently, this is actually the first time without assistance from a sighted person that I’ve tried to post something on this site. I feel like I’m on a boat headed for treacherous waters where the wrong part of a post ends up in the wrong place, or other unforseen media dangers, Ha, Ha! Anyway, it’s exciting to give this a try.


In the past three years I’ve found myself gradually withdrawing from traveling out of the Nashville area. I rode a greyhound bus from Nashville to Greenville sometimes three round trips a month, each trip lasting from 8 to 12 hours, from 2005 to 2011.I rode a little less often from 2011 and some of 2012, mainly to go to Greenville, SC to play and to hang with my younger brother who had a stroke in late 2009. Towards the end I started feeling a bit robotic, not really in touch with who I was. Since getting back to Nashville several months ago I’ve had a gradual charging of my creative batteries. It’s been great to re-connect with so many of my old music friends, and hanging around my house a lot more has helped to center me, and gives my life renewed purpose. Good marriage, and a wonderful daughter in college, what do I have to complain about! Guess I just need to play more blues?


my music gigs for about three years 2010 up to September, 2012  were mainly in the upper Carolinas area where I actually played a lot of solo performances. My blues CD, “Nasty Man” continues to sell, generally four or five a night in most of the little clubs I was playing. In the dozen outdoor festival gigs performing with a backing band that sometimes included a horn section, I might sell 40 CDS at a time, and got to meet a lot of new blues fans.  But now, my music direction is centered back in Nashville and surrounding areas. When I play live these days it’s refreshing to learn that there are a bunch of folks out there who are still crazy about good blues music.


Found out a year ago I had sleep aphnea. It’s taken me over a year to get used to the masks, but now I don’t feel normal if I don’t wear one to sleep. Anyway, it’s supposed to help with sleep oxgen levels to the brain, which makes one more alert and energetic during the day. I just hope it helps me be more witty, (grin)


My life seems to be changing rapidly lately, especially since my blues trio, won the Nashville blues chalenbe, and myself, drummer, Jim Klingler, and bassist, Geoff Newhall are off to Memphis in a fw months.

Sure is a much more lively world than my reflections a year ago over the deaths of so many close friends in the past several years. How we miss them in moments of solitude, though we know we’ll always have the love they gave us!
Then after reflection you come back to that Shaw Shank adage, “get busy living or get busy dying.”


my immediate chalenges are to learn to operate and navigate more independently several music business and networking websites, but as I gradually learn more, right now I’m very excited about the new friends I’m gonna make in Memphis next week!

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Rickey Godfrey Playin’ da Blues at Mama Rues

Nashville’s Rickey Godfrey will be working his Telecaster at Mama Rue’s Blues Garden in Pawleys Island, S.C. on Wednesday evening,  April 13. In a performance that begins at 7:30, Rickey will play tunes from his new blues CD, Nasty Man, along with blues standards and other Rickey Godfrey originals.

Rickey said, “I’m excited to be playing at Mama Rue’s. It’s my first time there, and just from talking with Marrue on the phone, it feels right. I can’t wait!”

Marrue Bleau is the owner of the cozy café that serves up local seafood and spicy Jamaican cuisine. An indoor stage easily handles a duo or solo act, but when the weather permits, the music moves to the garden bar out back. Mama Rue’s is open Tuesday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Friday, 11 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.; and Saturday, 11 a.m. – midnight. The intimate lowcountry spot is known for its lowdown island cooking and Chef Eric’s Jamaican specialties such as jerk pork and jerk chicken.

Mama Rue’s is located at 9737 Ocean Hwy, Pawleys Island, S.C. 29585. Telephone number is 843-235-3853.

For more information, visit Mama Rue’s Facebook page.

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Nashville Blues Artist To Present Program at Sunset River Marketplace April 13

Nashville guitarist Rickey Godfrey is scheduled to speak and perform at Sunset River Marketplace in Calabash, N.C. on Wednesday, April 13, as part of the gallery’s Creative Exchange series. The presentation, which is titled The Life and Times of Rickey Godfrey,  starts at 11 a.m. and runs through 12:30 p.m. Cost is $7 and includes lunch. Due to limited seating, reservations are required.

The talented musician will perform some of his music as he talks about the challenges of growing up blind and functioning in a world that is largely sight-oriented.

Blind since birth, he started studying at the age of seven, while attending the South Carolina School for the Blind. He studied classical piano and voice, and, at age 13, began playing guitar as well.

At 16, Rickey Godfrey joined his first band. He and his brother Ronnie Godfrey, also blind, soon formed their own band, Garfeel Ruff, which signed with Capitol Records in 1978 and became one of the most popular bands in the S.C. Upstate.

Since moving to Nashville in 1993, Godfrey has worked with artists such as Donna Fargo, Rufus Thomas, Junior Walker, Sam Moore, Billy Preston, Clifford Curry, E. G. Kight, Sonny Turner and Bill Pinkney, performing throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

In 2003, Godfrey formed the Rickey Godfrey Band, which catered to beach and blues audiences in the Carolinas. He released two CDs while he had the band.  Soul Sensations earned four 2004 CBMA awards including Song of the Year for “Can’t Change My Heart.” During 2005, Godfrey posted three additional Top Tens from the album with “No One Loves You Better Than Me,” “Whatever It Takes” and “If Ten’ll Kill Me, Give Me Nine.” Once In a Lifetime Love, released 1n 2006, was also well received, earning awards for Blues Album of the Year, Group of the Year and Group Album of the Year.

Since disbanding the group, Godfrey has been a sought-after composer, session player and touring musician –including a performance with the Chocolate Thunder Band at the 2009 Montreal Jazz Festival.  He has also released his fourth solo CD, Nasty Man, a powerhouse of a record – solidly blues-driven with jazz and funk influences that give it an edge and a sound unique to the uber-talented musician.

Rickey Godfrey has been nominated by the Music City Blues Society as both Guitarist and Keyboard Player of the Year. He earned a 2008 Marion James Musician’s Aid Society award and, in 2009, Nashville’s Best Blues Keyboardist. In late 2010, the N.C. Cape Fear Blues Society chose Nasty Man as its nomination for Best Self Produced CD at the Blues Foundation awards.

Ginny Lassiter, owner of Sunset River Marketplace said, “The gallery is a big supporter of the performing arts, and we are delighted that Rickey has time to come and talk to us.”

To reserve your spot, call the gallery at 910-575-5999 or send an email to

The gallery’s interactive Creative Exchange series offers a wide range of presentations on music, art, travel, entertaining, home design, financial planning, fashion and more. If you would like to receive notifications about upcoming events, call the gallery or send an email with “Creative Exchange Mailing List” in the subject line.

Sunset River Marketplace showcases work by approximately 200 North and South Carolina artists, and houses some 10,000 square feet of oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, mixed media, art glass, pottery, sculpture, turned and carved wood and artisan-created jewelry. There are two onsite kilns used by students in the ongoing pottery classes offered by the gallery. A custom framing department is available. There are also classes in oil painting, watercolor, pastel and figure drawing.

For more information, visit the website: http://www.sunsetrivermarketplace or call 910-575-5999. The gallery also has a Facebook page.

Sunset River Marketplace is located at 10283 Beach Drive SW (Hwy 179) in Calabash, N.C. Hours  are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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CD Review: Michael Buffalo Smith (

Michael Buffalo Smith – musician, author and blog talk radio host

Rickey Godfrey never ceases to amaze me. He and his brother Ronnie have been blind since birth, but please don’t call them handicapped. Rickey always said “It ain’t a handicap. it’s more of an inconvenience.” Of course, that inconvenience has never slowed this blues rocker down one iota.

Godfrey has been one of my favorite guitar slingers ever since his days with Capitol Recording artists Garfeel Ruff, back in the early 1980’s. That was where I first heard him play and sing, and where I first witnessed his knack for songwriting. Those skills have only grown over the past thirty years, and after a long and successful career in beach and dance music, Godfrey returns to his blues and southern rock roots with Nasty Man, a 12-track whoop-up that comes out of the chute kickin’ like a wild bull on Red Bull. From the grungy “I Want Me a Nasty Woman” to the first single from the album, “Don’t Get Your Honey Where You Get Your Money,” this is a fiery, guitar driven and gritty masterpiece. It’s electric blues the way God intended them to be played. Lord have mercy, Miss Percy. Rickey Godfrey has done got nasty on us, and it sounds so good.

-Michael Buffalo Smith,

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How To Purchase ‘Nasty Man’ by Rickey Godfrey

Nasty Man is available online, via mail or at a growing list of retail outlets. We’ll add more to this list as the information becomes available. Thanks!


CD Baby

• iTunes


Rickey Godfrey via PayPal or Check/Moneyorder

• Record Rack

3992 N.C. Hwy 55 W

Mount Olive, N.C. 28365-7556


Retail Outlets

• Judy’s House of Oldies

300 Main Street

North Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29582-3056


•Sunset River Marketplace

10283 Beach Drive SW (Hwy 179)

Calabash, N.C. 28467


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After meeting & seeing this gracious guitarist in Nashville, I can only say that I’m hooked! Not only does Rickey have a great vocal style, with a textured grovel and dynamic howl, he also renders a style on guitar that is quite unlike any other I have seen. Rickey is of course blind, and that is one of the reasons his guitar style is different from other players. He has had to adapt to his own way of approaching the instrument he commands. His style is a gut wrenching blues, channeled with a slight infusion of jazz inter weaved into his finger work that only makes his blues style even more intriguing. All this without any influence through sight, although he probably has one hell of a musical ear.

Ten out of the twelve tracks on this CD are original. Some with a humorous take, like the title track, “I Want Me a Nasty Woman,” and “Don’t Get Your Honey, Where You Get Your Money.” Others have a flaring groove complete with soulful background singers like “Heart On Fire,” and others like “Let’s Get Busy,” & “Help Yourself To Me.” He has invited several great performers to help out on this recording, and Rickey also plays all keyboards here as well.  Also, that’s Shaun Murphy on background vocals.

He also dedicated a tune to the late “Johnny Jones,” where he conjures up his guitar solo in a way that is fresh and rejuvenating. Rickey definitely has his own sound, true to the blues he lives, and it is a welcome relief to know him and others like him are slipping into the blues. Maybe more players like Rickey will begin a project in the blues, stepping away from their country or jazz roots, and we may begin to see a resurgence of new players. Professional players like Rickey, who want to leave behind the grind of the commercial music business, just to have some fun in the blues.

(C) 2010, Dirk Wissbaum

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Nashville Blues Society Reviews ‘Nasty Man’ – WOW!

Rickey Godfrey review…

Around here, he’s affectionately known as “Little Rickey,” but, although he may be small in stature, he comes up big in talent and heart!  Born in Greenville, SC, he began his musical training at age seven while enrolled in the Greenville School For The Blind.  He developed an affinity for the South Carolina R-&-B-rooted “beach music” prevalent in the South, and has released several critically-acclaimed CDs.  His fans have been begging him for an all-blues set, and “Nasty Man” is finally here!

On this set, Rickey plays a mean guitar plus all the keyboards and vocals, and couples four original tunes with cuts from such heavy hitters as Richard Fleming, Doug Jones,  and Gary Nicholson.  He kicks things off with his signature growling vocal on the title cut, where he’s lookin’ for a woman who’s not into champagne and bubble baths, but who “loves me for what I am!”  Low-maintenance women are also the theme of “Allergic To Mink,” while Rickey plays the part of the cheatin’ lover who’s lady show’s him the “Fool’s Way Out.”

Rickey doesn’t forget his roots or his beach music fans, either.  The horn-driven dance-floor anthem “Let’s Get Busy” is followed by the tale of a broken-hearted woman whom Rickey invites to “Help Yourself To Me,” which the shaggers will enjoy immensely!

We had three favorites, too.  With all the sharp stuff available, it’s best to “Don’t Argue In The Kitchen,” or “you may not survive!”  A mythical Saturday night down on Beale Street allows us to learn why Rickey wears his shades at night—“When You’re Cool, the sun shines all the time!”  And, a poignant look at “another bluesman done gone” is “Johnny Jones.”  Rickey pays tribute to the late hero with a minor-key slow blues that name-checks Johnny’s early hits and his Hendrix connection.

It’s always good to hear a new set from Rickey Godfrey.  With “Nasty Man,” he brings it all back down home, and reinforces what most of us already know—he’s one of the biggest talents in all of blues!!!    Until next time…Sheryl and Don Crow

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